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Support a Native Missionary or Special Project

Help those greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns in Peru, Uganda and Mexico

Many have not been able to work and are in dire need of food and other essentials. CPI’s native missionaries on the field get the aid to the people in the greatest need. Here is what one of our co-workers told us in Peru: “The brothers and sisters who live in Nueva Era (Shipibo community) … they are suffering a lot from this coronavirus plague. They cannot go out to work. The sisters cannot sell their crafts to bring in bread for the table. Children cry from hunger and the same is happening in other Shipiibo communities. Many Sipiibos are also stranded in cities…Some were let go from their jobs…All this fills me with much sadness in my heart. I cry for these problems that we are going through…. Many families no longer have food and many no longer have money to buy medicine.”

Here is what our co-worker said in Uganda: “I want to thank you for the donation you sent to help the most needy people who are being affected by the lockdown and have nothing to eat….I visited a family with seven children. The children were crying, asking for food, but the parents had nothing to give them. The family survives only after the father gets a job to dig in someone’s garden, and then he is given food. But no one is giving him a job because of the lockdown.”

Adopt a native missionary

CPI co-labors with numerous native missionaries in Peru, Mexico and Uganda, serving in church planting, leadership training, and compassion ministries. You can sponsor a native missionary to take the gospel to an unreached people group or community. CPI can link you with a specific native worker, send you information about that worker, and keep you updated about their work. Learn more.

Provide a scholarship for a needy student at the new Word of Grace Training Center in Lima, Peru

Some students, though called and gifted of the Lord, make only about $200/month and cannot afford to pay for training costing $450/year (nine months).

Provide Bibles and books for pastors

CPI distributes Bibles in various languages and quality Christian books to pastors in Peru, Mexico and Uganda. Many church members do not have Bibles and pastors cannot afford to buy books for study or training. Costs range from $3-10 dollars per Bible or book. Books for one training conference or retreat cost between $500-$1,000.

Provide a motorcycle for a Ugandan church planter

A motorcycle can make a huge impact in the ministries and family lives of pastors. Since church planters in Uganda have limited income, often they must walk a long distance or else pay for transportation in order to conduct an outreach in an un-churched village. A motorcycle helps a Ugandan church planter reach more communities for Christ. And since motorcycles are also used for taxi services or to transport products to market, pastors can also earn needed income for their families. CPI would like to provide motorcycles for two of our Ugandan co-workers costing $1,400 each.

Provide educational assistance and school lunches for Ugandan children

An estimated three quarters of the children in Uganda are educated in private schools, because parents feel their children receive virtually no education in government schools. Pastors also care for many abandoned children. For $70 a month you can send a child to private or Christian school in Uganda. Additionally, CPI launched a school lunch program in 2015 to offer students a lunch meal during the school day. For $25/month, you can help feed 10 children for the entire month. Our goal is to provide lunches for 250 school children for every day of the school year. Learn more.

NOTE: 10 percent of donations for projects and native missionaries is applied to CPI’s operating budget.