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CPI as an Agency for Missionaries


Please note: all CPI missionaries must raise their own support.

You may affiliate with Church Planting International as a missionary through completing the application process and committing to certain agreements.

CPI’s aim is not to merely “service” missionaries. Our vision is to be a caring relational network. A missionary sending agency should not just be a business-like organization, but should also be a spiritual family, serving one another and working together in the ministry. We endeavor to extend not only logistical and administrative support, but personal pastoral care, godly counsel, encouragement and spiritual accountability.

CPI does not desire just to send more missionaries out in the world, but to send a certain kind of missionary; one having a proper biblical message, a specific calling, a shared vision with CPI and a good preparation. CPI missionaries may; however, do a wide variety of tasks. Callings may include such roles as:

• Church planting
• Leadership training
• Administrative support
• Medical service
• Community development
• Economic development
• Helping the needy
• Construction

A cross-cultural missionary should promote the development of the indigenous church. An indigenous church is self-governing, self-financing and self-propagating. Cross-cultural missionaries may plant churches, but generally should not become the long-term pastors. By assuming control, missionaries hinder the long-term development of responsible native leadership. Instead, missionaries are to act as enablers, facilitators, advisors and mentors. They should work themselves out of a job. They are not benefactors coming from a superior country to help the poor have-nots. Missionaries are members of a global Christian community, working together to fulfill the Great Commission.

How CPI recognizes a missionary calling

While it is important to have a standard of external criteria with which to evaluate the genuineness of a calling, we must recognize that God, not man, does the calling. Man simply recognizes and confirms what God has already done. God can call anyone He wants, any way He wants.

Sometimes the criteria which churches, mission boards and mission agencies use to accept and send missionaries is too rigid. Restrictions are placed upon age, number of children, amount and kind of education, and a host of other things. Yet, sometimes the ones that are disqualified because of man’s traditions are the very ones that God has called, gifted and anointed to be used mightily in His service. (1 Cor. 1:26-29)

Each candidate should be considered individually. To be a missionary is a high calling requiring a high standard. Certain external criteria are necessary in order to evaluate a candidate’s calling but are insufficient in themselves. Christian character and calling are also confirmed through Christ-centered relationships and through earnest prayer.

Basic characteristics and qualifications of CPI missionaries include the following:

• A passion for Christ
• A good knowledge and balanced grasp of God’s Word
• An understanding of and passion for the Gospel
• A conviction of God’s calling
• A vision consistent with CPI’s vision
• Biblical, missiological and practical preparation either through formal training or life experience
• A good relationship with a local church
• Spiritual maturity and a strong devotional life
• If married, a strong marriage and good family relationships
• Humility
• A heart of love for people
• The ability to work as part of a team and respect for authority
• Perseverance
• Adaptability
• Cultural sensitivity
• Emotional stability
• The ability to learn another language
• The willingness and ability to raise financial support
• Reasonable physical health

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