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Adopt a Native Church Planter

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Our vision

Jesus gave His Great Commission to the whole Church, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matt. 28:19). The word “nations” refers to ethnic nations of which there are about 16,000 in the world today. God’s purpose is to call out a bride for His Son out of all “nations, tribes, and tongues” (Rev. 5:9; 7:9). The local church is His instrument to bring this about. Yet there are still thousands of people groups who live beyond the reach of a witnessing church.

CPI’s vision is to aid in the establishing of self-sufficient and biblically based churches among unreached people groups and also among communities within reached people groups where there are no other churches. A people group is considered to be unreached when they do not possess sufficient numbers and resources to evangelize their own group without outside cross-cultural assistance. We currently work in Mexico and Peru with native workers who minister in more than 35 communities that have little or no Christian witness. Our goal is to extend the ministry to the unreached to more and more places throughout the entire world.

When we think of unreached groups we often think of Africa or Asia. Yet, there are still hundreds of unreached groups here in our own hemisphere – and often they are the ones most overlooked. They usually are small tribes hidden in remote mountains and jungles. Most of the world does not know they are there. But God knows and cares. We believe that it is His purpose to call to Himself a good number from among these hidden peoples, that they too may some day gather around God’s throne in Heaven to worship Him forever.

How you can help

Here are some ways you can  help CPI plant a community of believers where none existed before:

Adopt a native church planter

CPI needs financial partners to sponsor native missionaries to the Yaminahuas, Matses and Shipibos in the Peruvian Amazon and the Huicholes of west central Mexico. CPI can link you with a specific native worker, send you information about that worker, and keep you updated on their work.

Enter into a “church to church” relationship

This involves an ongoing relationship between an adopting church and a newly planted church in an unreached area. Through mutual prayer, personal visits, learning from one another and strategic giving, both churches benefit spiritually.

Become a CPI missionary

Join our work as missionary involved in church planting, leadership training, community development or administrative support to help plant churches in unreached communities, which currently have no churches.