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Articles & Teaching Outlines

Download teaching outlines and articles on a wide range of topics. We hope these resources encourage you in your own walk with the Lord and prove helpful as you share important truths of the Gospel with those around you.

Core truths of the Gospel

The Need of the Gospel
by Steven Shepard

The Gospel will have power in our lives to the degree that we understand our sin. People need to know why they need a Savior. We must understand the bad news to appreciate the good news. To be transformed by grace, we must understand sin and judgment. Teaching outline >>

The Power of the Gospel
by Steven Shepard

There is real power in the Christian life, and it is found only in the Gospel. It will not be found in religion, an experience, or in any other teaching that is not directly related to the Gospel. Teaching outline >>

True Conversion
by Steven Shepard

If our understanding about how people are converted is wrong then our method of doing evangelism and missions will be wrong. We will be seeking to get people to do things that do not bring about real conversions. Teaching outline >>

Spirit of Adoption
by Steven Shepard

Believers are not to be in bondage or live in fear, but are to enter into the freedom and security of their adoption as beloved sons and daughters of God. God wants us to experience our adoption and know that we belong to Him. Article >>

The Power of Forgiveness
by Steven Shepard

All of us have a great debt that we cannot pay. God rightly requires payment and justice to be done for each transgression against His perfect righteousness. So forgiveness from God is everyone’s greatest need. Article >>

Church planting and missions strategy

How to Strategically Use Mission Support
by Steven & Christy Shepard

We are stewards of His resources and therefore are accountable to Him for what we do with them. Because of this, it is crucial that we seek His guidance through prayer, reading His Word and godly counsel in order to have the wisdom to faithfully disperse what we are given. Article >>

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