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Becoming a CPI Missionary

Candidate process

Please note: All CPI missionaries must raise their own support.

1. Missionary candidates must first carefully and prayerfully consider CPI’s vision, core values, statement of faith, and commitments for affiliation (see below). CPI does not necessarily require complete agreement on every point, but does require that differences and the reasons for differences be plainly stated. CPI will evaluate differences on a case-by-case basis and determine if stated differences are compatible or incompatible with a given ministry within CPI.

2. Interested candidates should then send a letter of intent to CPI – detailing their personal testimony, their call to missionary service and a description of their current ministry. A personal resume, a letter of reference from their local pastor and two additional references must also be included.

3. Approved candidates will receive appropriate telephone and personal interviews, and spend additional time with CPI staff as needed.

4. If necessary, candidates and CPI staff will visit the mission field together.

5. Missionary candidates and CPI staff will spend an appropriate time seeking God in prayer concerning their specific callings.

6. A decision to call a missionary is reached and affiliation agreements are confirmed.

7. Orientation begins and steps, if needed, are taken to begin training.

8. Support is raised, and the CPI missionary then leaves for the mission field.

Commitments for affiliation

You will be given a document with the following commitments at the end of the interview process that you will be asked to agree to and sign.

1. As an affiliate missionary or worker in relationship with Church Planting International, I am in agreement with the CPI vision, mission, core values, and statement of faith, or I have made known to CPI any differences that I have and the reasons for my differences. I agree not to teach or to promote teachings that are in direct contradiction with Church Planting International’s vision, mission, core values, and statement of faith while engaged in any service which represents the ministry of Church Planting International.

2. By God’s grace, I will uphold a standard of Christian character becoming of my faith and calling as a servant of Christ and as a minister of the Gospel.

3. I am willing in my ministry to be accountable to the leadership of Church Planting International, to listen to and prayerfully consider counsel, and to cooperate with CPI regarding decisions that are reached concerning my ministry. I understand that it is not the purpose or intention of leadership within CPI to control my ministry, but rather to equip, encourage, and serve.

4. I will seek at all times to be in unity with others, resolving any conflicts by communicating in accordance with the principles of Matthew 18.

5. I will seek to encourage and pray for others involved in the CPI family of Christian workers.

6. Any involvement in a preexisting CPI work will be coordinated with the full knowledge and agreement of CPI.

7. CPI will retain an appropriate administrative charge for all funds received for tax exempt purposes, which are for the support of my work. (The amount may vary depending upon particular callings and circumstances.)

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