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Special Support Needs

Samuel and Elizabeth Rios

The Rios Family • Lima, Peru

Pastor Samuel Rios, a close coworker of CPI’s since 2002, passed away from cancer on Friday, May 25. His wife, Elizabeth, has incurred a debt for funeral expenses and also for the family business, a restaurant called “Pilon.” Elizabeth desires to continue with the business but is behind on the rent. It was hard for her to keep up since she was unable to be on the job much during the recent months of Samuel’s illness and had to cut back on hours. There may also be some other expenses to help get Pilon on solid footing for the future. Elizabeth now lives with her son Lukas and daughter Daniela who both help out in Pilon.

If you would like to contribute to help Samuel’s wife Elizabeth in her transition as a new widow, please choose one of the giving options below to make a tax-deductible gift to CPI. Whatever is collected will go towards Elizabeth’s needs and any additional will go into a fund in Samuel’s honor to meet additional humanitarian needs in Peru – needs like surgeries, medicines, funerals, housing and needs of other widows and children.

Thank you for your consideration.