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CPI Base in the Peruvian Amazon


In January 2017, CPI officially opened its new mission center in the Amazon jungle city of Yarinacocha, Peru. The center provides a base from which to carry out CPI’s mission of training native missionaries and planting new churches. The property is now owned by Misión Church Planting International, which was established as a nonprofit organization with Peruvian directors. We could not be more excited to embark on this new phase of our work. The center includes two homes and another building, which was formerly used as offices for Wycliffe Bible translators.

Why a missions center?

1. Unreached people – There are an estimated 60 distinct people groups in the jungles of Peru, which represent hundreds of villages that need the Gospel. Hidden in the remote jungles, these people groups and villages are often overlooked. Though most of the world does not even know they are there, God knows and cares. Tribal missionaries need to be raised up and equipped to proclaim the Gospel, plant churches, and demonstrate the love of Christ.

2. Leadership training – While there are many churches throughout Peru, there are very few that proclaim a strong biblical message. Instead, churches abound which focus on man-centered, fad teachings that are void of power to change lives. Most native pastors and church planters in Peru have never had the opportunity to receive solid biblical training. If pastors are called of God and trained in His Word, they will make a difference for eternity.

3. Receptivity to the Gospel – Peru, more than any other place, is where we have seen the Holy Spirit work in a special way. Ever since CPI came to Peru in 1999, we have found hungry hearts; and we have seen lives changed through the power of God’s Word.

4. Relationships – CPI has built many strong relationships with quality Christian workers both in Lima and throughout the Amazon jungle.

5. Building for the long term – A mission base in Peru helps establish CPI’s ministry to continue into the future.

What work are we doing from the center?

1. Conducting seminars and starting schools for training native missionaries. While the base is located in Yarinacocha, we will also work in Lima.

2. Helping send native missionaries to needy and unreached communities, and providing counsel, strategic resources, and follow-up visits to native communities.

3. Providing a base of operations for long-term missionaries. CPI President Steven Shepard will be spending longer periods of time in Peru.

4. Hosting short-term mission teams.

5. Engaging in humanitarian works like health clinics and micro-loan projects. We cannot separate meeting physical needs with the preaching of the Gospel. We must do both.

More information about the property

• The property is a 1,000-sq. meter lot containing two houses, office building, carport and storage shed.
• The wood house has three bedrooms; the brick house has two bedrooms and a totally renovated kitchen, bathrooms and a beautiful screened-in porch.
• There is a multipurpose building on the property that we’ve converting half of into a training center, while the other half will be used for dormitories. We’re also constructing a separate, adjacent building for bathrooms and showers. The training center will be used to host classes for the new Word of Grace Bible Institute.
• The lot is nicely landscaped and has four mango trees and numerous other plants and grass.
• Water comes from a well on the property.

How you can help

CPI still needs approximately $5,000 to complete the training center Any donation you would be willing to send in support will be greatly appreciated.

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